What does renewable energy mean?

Renewable energy is electric energy generated of sources that restore themselves in nature and their use cannot be a cause for their exhaustion. Wind, solar energy, geothermal energy, energy of the falling water, bio waste, etc., are such sources. In comparison to conventional fuels - coal, oil and gas these sources and means of energy generation from them have almost no impact on nature and environment. Conventional fuels are not considered renewable energy sources since their period of consumption is much shorter than the period of their regeneration. Therefore the use of these fuels can result in their complete exhaustion in nature.

Why is renewable energy generation important for us?

Renewable energy has a much lesser impact on environment and nature. Compared to conventional power generation, in the course of renewable energy generation an insignificant, if any, amount of harmful substances, pollution, smog, and acid rain is produced. Renewable energy generation reduces Bulgaria’s dependance on import of fuel and electric energy. The observing of our country’s commitments to the European Union regarding the generation of energy from renewable sources will significantly reduce the increase of electric energy prices due to the compulsory payment of carbon emissions and import of electrical energy into our power-transmitting network.

Which are the most used renewable energy sources and which of them can be used in Bulgaria?

The most used renewable energy sources worldwide are water, wind, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass. In Bulgaria, there are conditions for utilization of all these sources but those based on wind and solar energy (wind turbines and photovoltaic installations) are the fastest developing.

Are your wind turbines harmful to birds and environment?

No. Our wind farms meet the latest requirements for protection of birds and environment. They have been constructed on terrains outside the limits of Natura 2000 Network. A priority requirement for the beginning of the construction works is the receiving of a positive standpoint on the base of the estimated impact on environment (Environment Impact Assessment – EIA). The blades have a big diameter and rotate relatively slow. The wind turbine towers are not preferred by the birds for a breeding place. Wind farms are equipped with radar systems that shut down the turbines in case of bird migration. Our experience shows that the probability for our generators to harm a bird is significantly lower than the same to be caused by any building, motor vehicle or airplane.

Why should I be concerned about renewable energy production?

Electric energy generated from renewable sources is “pure” energy, i.e. it does not have harmful impact on environment and nature. In case Bulgaria fails to reach the EU requirements for generation of energy from renewable sources, our country will have to pay large sums because of the large amount of carbon emissions it emits, and/or to import electric energy from other countries. Conventional fuels are limited in quantity and they will be inevitably exhausted if no measures are taken against that.

Does generation of renewable energy raise the cost of electricity at home?

Widely spread is the opinion, that the expanding of electric energy generation from renewable sources will raise the cost of electric energy for final consumers. This opinion is ungrounded since if Bulgaria fails to reach the rate of generation of electric energy from renewable sources set by the EU, our country will have to pay large sums for emitting big amounts of carbon emissions in the environment and/or to import electric energy from abroad. Besides, as a result of the technological innovations, the cost of energy generated from renewable sources is constantly going down. The wider the use and production of facilities for generation of pure energy, the cheaper the facilities. Moreover, everything good and valuable has its price – and what is better and more valuable than preservation of life on the planet?

Do you believe that investment in renewable energy sources is a good investment?

Yes. The more investments are made in renewable sources generation, the cheaper will be the electric energy. These are investments in preservation of environment and the future of mankind. Except for the production itself these investments encourage the development of new technologies for the use of renewable energy sources and invention of new facilities.

Are the renewable power plants going to replace nowadays thermoelectric and nuclear power plants?

No. Or hardly. At least for the time being. And not at once. Despite the steady reduction of the consumption of electric appliances, the total consumption of electric power increases. The strive is to produce only “pure” energy, but no one can predict when that will happen.

What are the advantages of the renewable energy for preservation of environment?

Each kilowatt-hour of energy from renewable sources replaces the same amount of electricity conventionally generated. In addition it is produced with no harmful CO2 and SO2 emissions, nitrates, smog and all health problems and harms to the flora and fauna they cause. And let's remind that this very smog could pollute the air over a photovoltaic installation which for that reason would produce less “pure” electric power during the peak hours of its consumption?

What are the disadvantages of renewable energy?

The main disadvantage of power generation from renewable energy sources is still its price. For all other problems, organizational and technological solutions have already been found, and are being constantly improved. The more “pure” energy comes into our live, the more commensurable its price will become, and why not one day even lower than the price of the energy generated in traditional ways.

Does the reliability of energy supply improve in presence of renewable energy sources?

Yes. With the expansion of generation of renewable energy, the number of alternatives increases and thus – the reliability of energy production. Thus the dependence of our country on the import of gas and electricity is being reduced.