St. Nikola

"Saint Nikola" Wind Farm, Kavarna


St. Nikola Wind Farm is situated in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, on the territory of Kavarna Municipality, about 60 km away from the city of Varna. The project spreads on a territory of 6x10 km over the lands of the villages of Bulgarevo, Sveti Nikola, Hadzhi Dimitar, Rakovski and Poruchik Chunchevo.


The construction of the wind farm allows the owners and the tenant farmers to continue using the land for agriculture. The dimensions of the turbine foundations are 17x17 m. The space between the wind turbines gives free access to agricultural machinery, and the underground cables have been installed at a suitable depth, within the boundaries of the existing agricultural roads in order not to hamper the cultivation of the farm land.

“Saint Nikola” wind farm project has been initiated in conformity with 2001/77/EU Directive of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union from 27 September 2001, the commitments under Kyoto Protocol for reduction of the harmful emissions in the atmosphere, the National Energy Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria and the last supplements to the Energy act in its part for promotion and stimulation of energy generation from renewable energy sources and co-generation. The project is a significant and stable investment in Bulgaria, which helps our country to achieve its renewable energy targets.

The project has been accomplished by the project company AES Geo Energy OOD owned by Geo Power OOD and AES Corporation.

The investment project value is EUR 270 million.

During the implementation of the project, the necessary administrative and legal proceedings have been carried out regarding the territorial development, assigning the land plots for construction of wind generators and substation, approval of plot plans for cable routings 33 kV and 110 kV, preparation of EIA report (Environment Impact Assessment), ten season monitoring studies of autumn and spring bird migration, project coordination with the parties concerned. At the same time all the required studies and detailed projects for the construction of the wind turbines have been drafted.

In the course of 5 years (since 02 May 2004) our own measurement of the wind parameters on the territory of the project at various altitudes was conducted, carried out by a German company specialized in the field. Measurement results and analyses showed sufficient wind potential for the full power operation of the wind turbines.

Project implementation started on 03 January 2009.

52 wind turbine generators Vestas V90 3 MW have been installed. The total installed capacity of the wind farm is 156 MW.

A 33/110 kV substation and an 110 kV overhead power line have been constructed for the purposes of interconnection to the national power-transmitting.

In March 2010 we got Usage Permit and the “St. Nicola” Wind Park was put into operation.

The expected ecological effect of the project is to save more than 300 000 tons CO2 emissions per year or about 6 million tons over the 20-year operational period. This will be a significant contribution to the preservation of biodiversity and environment, and in concordance to the commitments of our country for carbon emissions reduction by 2020.

In compliance with the agreement between the project company and Kavarna municipality, the Municipality will receive free aid of 156 000 per year during the operation of the wind farm.

Project Milestones


Consideration of alternative options and selecting project location


Bird monitoring has started in the autumn of 2004 and still goes on

Since May 2004 

Wind measurement has started


Preliminary Interconnection Agreement

April 2007 

Positive Decision on EIA was obtained

December 2007 

AES signed the Turbine Supply Agreement with Vestas

August 2008 

Energy license received

September 2008 

Power Purchase Agreement signed

October 2008 

Updating of the Preliminary Interconnection Agreement from 2005

November 2008 

Construction permit was obtained

December 2008 

Financial agreement was signed with EBRD, IFC and UniCredit

December 2008 

Agreements for building the farm infrastructure were signed

January 2009 

Start of construction works

March 2009 

Installation of wind turbines started

30 July 2009 

The last, 52nd turbine was installed

October 2009 

Interconnection to the national power-transmitting grid and start of tests

March 2010

Usage Permit and official putting into operation of “St. Nikola” Wind Park